On the eastern coast of Sicily, situated at the foot of beautiful Mount Etna is the city of Catania. Always at the mercy of the volcano, but still bustling with nightlife, medieval architecture and great food, it is a mainstay in any Sicilian vacation. This guide to Catania will navigate you through the many of bars, clubs, grand palazzo and fish markets. Here is a list of things to do if you visit the charming city and the main attractions of Catania.

As always, the historical monuments are always a great thing to visit during the day. The city has two Roman amphitheaters and the cathedral in Catania at the Duomo Square is absolutely wonderful to see. Ursino Castle, a 13th century castle, was left in great condition. Originally it overlooked the sea but now sits far away due to the effects of an earthquake in the 17th century, truly a wonder of architecture and the power of the ever-present Mount Etna.

In Catania, Sicily, there are clearly many things to do, but one great thing about the city is the food and fish markets. They are located just below the Duomo and make for a lively day visit. The fish market is hectic but a must-see for the city, boasting exotic fish and seafood from all over the Mediterranean. By some it is even considered the best fish market in the world.

The beaches of Catania are also a nice excursion away from the hustle and bustle of the lively city. Although sometimes a bit crowded, such as Lidi and Aci Castello, on the right day they can be a wonderful relaxing outing if you want a break from visiting ancient sites and fish markets. No matter what there is plenty to do in this north eastern gem of a city in Sicily.