If you are travelling to the beautiful region of Sicily, there are two things you should know: “Sicily” and “wine” go hand in hand. Do not leave the island without taking a tour of one of the many vineyards or doing several wine tastings. The wines of Sicily have been fermenting since 1500 BC when the Greeks began to settle the land, making it one of the premier wine destinations in the world.

Some of the best areas to taste Sicilian wines are:

  • Mount Etna: enjoy the view and the crisp white wines
  • Ragusa, for some incredible food and wines tasting venues
  • Agrigento, for some wonderful Sicilian cheeses to pair with wine
  • Palermo, on the beautiful rolling hills of Belice
  • Marsala, home to the rich fortified world famous Marsala wine

Wine from Sicily is incredible because of the so many variations and different grapes being grown in such a small area. From the Nero d’Avola, a Sicilian red wine, which holds its own compared to the best Syrah, to the Greek originated Grecanico. It is a must to find Sicily wine tours that cover many of the different cities throughout the region. So find a Sicily wine map and roam around the various vineyards and wineries to fully experience everything there is to offer.

The Marsala region, from where the most famous Sicilian wine gets its name, is certainly worth an extended visit. Introduced to the island in 1796, the sweet port-like wine has made a name for itself around the world. It is a fortified wine with higher alcohol content and is generally sweet, but there are some dry varieties as well. Once relegated as a cooking wine, the government instituted a number of purity laws, and now it is some of the finest wine in the world.