One of the most enchanting things about Sicily is its rich and diverse history. Throughout the age of antiquity the isle was home to Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans. This left a mark of incredible archaeological sites and some of the best preserved temples in the world. The Sicily ruins, spread out over the entire area, are an amazing destination of any trip.

The Sicilian Greek ruins are some of the greatest wonders left over from the Magna Graecia era. One of the best examples is the Segesta temple and ancient theater in the western tip of Sicily. It is even better preserved than most temples in Greece itself and a spectacular example of Doric architecture. In this archaeological park there also lies a well-preserved ancient theater which dates back to the 4th century B.C. This is a must-see for anyone taking a trip to Sicily!

The city state of Syracuse was, for centuries, one of the most powerful in the Mediterranean. It was also one of the most beautiful, according to Cicero, and still boasts some of the best Greek temples in Sicily as well as the world. Take a trip to the beautiful island of Ortygia to see the Temple of Apollo, the oldest Doric temple in the world. There also is the largest Greek theater ever built, with over 67 rows that could accommodate 16,000 people!

Lastly, is the Valley of the Temples situated in Argrigento Sicily. This was the location of the powerful city of Akragas founded in the 6th century B.C. by Greek settlers. It is a huge archaeological site with both Roman and Greek remains. Some of the standout sites include the Temple of Concord, the Temple of Juno and the Temple of Zeus. At the Temple of Zeus there are incredible monolithic statues called the Telamons which used to hold up the structure. Truly an ancient wonder that is well worth a visit.