Sicily is an island filled with endless natural wonders and has some of the finest nature reserves and national parks in Italy. Because of its extremely diverse ecology, these parks are pristinely kept for visitor to experience untouched natural surroundings on the island. Visiting one of the national parks in Sicily is a great way to spend a day with your family or take a break from the crowded cities. Here are the best two parks you should visit on your Sicilian vacation.

Vendicari Nature Reserve, Sicily

If you are in the southeast of the island there is one place that cannot be missed; the Vendicari Nature Reserve. This has some of the most serene beaches that are virtually untouched by humans and where you can see some great natural sites. From its lagoons, sand dunes, exotic fauna and even 15th century ruins; it is a park that where you can spend an entire day enjoying paradise. Moreover, thousands of birds pass through this area on their migration path from Africa. This includes flamingos, herons, and storks, making it even more picturesque and beautiful for any traveler.

Zingaro Nature Reserve, Sicily

This is the first nature reserve set up in Sicily, created in 1981 it stretches along the Gulf of Castellammare against a backdrop of steep cliffs and tranquil bays. The unique ecology of this reserve is home to 39 species of bird and extensive exotic fauna not found on any other part of the island. The park also has incredible archaeological sites such as one of the first prehistoric villages, the Uzzo Grotto. It can only be accessed by foot, making it almost completely untouched by the modern age leaving the natural wonder of Sicily to be explored by any visitor.