The largest city of ancient times, Syracuse, Italy is a city of ruins and life. Outstanding medieval roads, baroque architecture, Greek style buildings, and a vivid life with markets and people running all around the city are some of the characteristics that make Syracuse a magic place for both locals and tourists.

Siracusa Weather

If you’re looking for a summer holiday, the weather in Syracuse is warm yet pleasantly windy, thanks to the currents blowing in from the sea.

Many are the stunning Siracusa beaches with their white sand, emerald islets, blue bays, and cliffs perfect for diving. All of these features govern the beautiful marine landscape of Syracuse.

How to Get to Siracusa

There are no flights to Syracuse because the closest airport, about 45 minutes away, is the one in Catania. To go from Catania to Siracusa, you can either take a bus, a train, or a taxi, which is your most expensive option.

Siracusa Attractions

If you are wondering what to do in Syracuse, Sicily, the options are endless. Due to the rich Syracuse Sicily history, there are plenty of sites to visit.

Among the things to do in Siracusa, you should definitely visit the Siracusa archeological park, Neapolis, which was once called by the Greeks Pentapolis, meaning five cities. There, you can find the Siracusa Greek Theater, Roman ruins, and stone quarries, like the Latomia del Paradiso, which now flourishes with orange and lemon trees.

The majestic 20m-high arch, The Ear of Dionysus, is also another important remain that this park still hosts.

In the summer months, the Greek theatre becomes alive with a festival that can accommodate up to 15,000 people.

Among tourists’ favorites Siracusa attractions are the Syracuse cathedral on the pagan Temple of Athea and the fun Siracusa market, which attracts hundreds of people on the streets with their fresh produce and handcrafted works.