From Sea-View Homes to Beachfront Villa for Rent near Taormina, Here are the Various Choices

Every year tourists swarm to the Italian Island of Sicily to admire what are considered the best among the numerous ancient wonders of the Mediterranean. Nature reserves, archeological sites and historical centers dot every inch of the island and its 1000 miles of breath-taking coastal scenery – along with the surrounding Aeolian and Aegadian archipelagos, the Pelagie islands, and smaller islands like Ustica and Pantelleria.

This is why for travelers to Sicily who wish to take in all the varied sights and panorama of the millennia-old maritime center of the Mediterranean, it is widely preferable to rent a beachfront villa in or near one of the most splendid attractions of Sicily: Taormina.

Fortunately, there are many choices available for budget-friendly accommodations in stylish villas by the beach- renovated in a fusion of diverse styles and decòr reflecting the influence of the ancient civilizations that shaped Sicilian culture and tradition (Roman, Greek, Arabic, Spanish and Northern European). Family-run rentals with sea-views atop cliffs or promontories are another option if the heat of the summer is too much to bear or in order to avoid the tourist traffic of beaches in summertime.
Near Taormina there are some astounding villas with group prices that are more than adequate for a holiday stay in the most popular location of Sicily, with luxuries like a private swimming pool and garden, terraces and balcony with coastal views of the beaches and the bays. There is for example Villa Eloi (offered by the top site Wishsicily) located near Letojanni and only 3 miles from the fashionable coastal resort of Taormina. Trips to Syracuse in the Southeastern coast are also provided daily.

The villa overlooks the sea and the sandy beaches of Giardini Naxos and Mazzarò, including Taormina’s Isola Bella, the Alcantara Gorge and the Riviera dei Ciclopi, while it also affords a view of the countryside as the terrace stretches around the panoramic scenery so you can take in the best of both worlds, enjoying the fresh mountain air and also the warm breeze of the Mediterranean. With 8 sleeps, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and equipped with A/C, a large pool, terrace, outdoor lounge, BBQ and dining area, at the price of E 700 X night (min 5-7 nights stay) it is a great opportunity for large groups of friends.