For Sports Enthusiasts: Guided Walking Holidays in Sicily

One of the best ways to enjoy the richness of Sicily and its ancient heritage is undoubtedly undertaking a guided walking holiday through its nature reserves and antique treasures. By relying on experienced tour guide companies possessing a long history and tradition of service and quality, including an in-depth knowledge of Sicily’s diverse history, geography and culture, you are bound to have the experience of a lifetime.

A really good resource is, especially due to their ongoing commitment in helping the local communities to prosper and grow with their business not only by using the proceeds of their sales, but also by recommending their clients to local family-run motels, restaurants, agroturismo farms, museums, events, and more in the towns along the itinerary of the tours.

This factor, along with the fact that its founder is a native Sicilian with an impressive background in Italian tourism, has created the perfect conditions that allow tourists to enjoy an authentic traditional Sicilian experience- also thanks to their ample selection of guided or self-walking tours that will take you to the best places, where you are sure to be treated with the utmost hospitality by locals.

Local transportation is provided for your luggage and transfer points along the itinerary. You can choose between easy or moderate depending on how fit you are, as in the 7 day guided walk from Enna (central Sicily) to the Madonie park reserves and down to the Coast by Cefalù.

With a group price of E1900 X person (accommodations in double rooms with breakfast, free lunch, pic-nic and dinner at every stop) this includes everything you wish to experience of Sicilian culture and history: traditional cooking methods, wine and cheese making, museum visits to the Roman Mosaics, to Arabic/Norman cathedrals in the towns’ historical centers, and to the Medieval baroque towns; the fresh air of luscious valleys, rare flowers and fauna (the falconries are a real sight), 1000 year old Holly trees/oaks, historic Sicilian villas with pool where you can even stay for a night’s rest from the tour, beaches and more.

With all the perks, and its strategic itineraries with accommodations in family-run mountain chalets, agroturismo farms and 3-4 star hotels in the Madonie mountains and St. Ambrogio, it is an example of the perfect walking holiday for visitors to Sicily.