The Most Unforgettable Places you Cannot Afford to Miss during your Holidays in Sicily, Italy

Sometimes it can be difficult to check out all the attractions that the most popular holiday destinations like Sicily, in Southern Italy, have to offer- either due to budget concerns or because job priorities or the concerns of daily life require your stay to be a short one. For this reason, restricting your visit to only the most important locations admired by travelers world-wide is your best option.

While the entire island is rich in archaeological, artistic, historical and natural treasures which have shaped its traditions and heritage acquired through centuries of cross-cultural interaction with Greco-Roman, Arabic, Spanish and Gothic/Byzantine sources (evident also in the many authentic Sicilian villas for rent around the Island and the coast), and there are so many things to see, there are some primary places that stand out among its varied treasures which one cannot afford to miss. They can easily be reached by car as they all lie in close proximity to each other at no more than a few hours’ drive, whether you are arriving from Palermo or Catania (where the two main airports in Sicily are located).

Taormina and the Agrigento Coast offer the most astounding experience for first-time visitors, and are a good way to start your trip. From the restored Greek amphitheater (3rd Century B.C.) in Taormina, overlooking the sea, to the Botanical Gardens and its exotic orchards; the authentic Sicilian villas with their mixture of cross-cultural elements and the nature reserve of the Isola Bella by the bay, Taormina contains all the aspects that make Sicily and its heritage unique.

Agrigento is famous for its beaches and holiday resorts which extend for 160 km along Sicily’s Southern Coast, San Leone being highly praised as one of the best beaches to relax in the sun and the healthy breeze of the Mediterranean. The town’s historic centre has many Gothic Cathedrals and Byzantine Churches and an archeological museum that are the envy of art historians all over, and its Valley of the Temples is one of the most prized archeological sites in the world, with Greek and Roman ruins and restored temples such as the Temple of Concord (5th Century B.C.), the remains of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the Temple of Juno.