The New Guide to Finding Apartments for Rent for your Holiday in Catania, Sicily

The best way to spend your vacation in the Italian island of Sicily (the jewel of the Mediterranean, as it is popularly referred to), and enjoy the best of the many wonders that it has to offer during your stay, is finding a beautiful apartment for rent in the conveniently located, main city of Catania. Its cosmopolitan character and diversity, shaped by centuries of cross cultural interaction with foreign tribes and empires since classical antiquity (Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, Arabs, Normans), makes Catania – the second major city after Sicily’s capital, Palermo – one of the most popular destination routes for travelers and tourists.

This is not only also due to the city’s many wonders of ancient art, architecture and the cultural treasures found within Catania and in the surrounding region (which include Piazza Duomo, the historic center’s Baroque/ Byzantine monuments, the Greco-Roman archeological Park, the Monastero dei Benedettini, the Castello Ursino and more); the city’s location which places it in ideal proximity to all the major attractions and sights of the mainland or the coast (Mt. Etna, the best beaches and sea-views in Sicily including the Agrigento coast- only a 2 hr coast –to- coast drive from Catania– and all the archeological ruins, temples and cathedrals in the Valley of the Temples), or its legendary culinary excellence and tradition which truly reflects the best of Sicily, but also because of the many apartments for rent that are available at very affordable prices to tourists who want to experience the comfort and luxury of staying at an authentic and traditional, stylish Sicilian home while enjoying the nearby sights of a convenient central location.

These come at relatively cheap prices, for couples, families and especially groups of friends who want to share the cost, beginning with US $175 X night for a house in the historical center (Centro Storico Alcalà, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 8 sleeps), a flat with a winter garden for US $ 87 X night (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 8 sleeps), and cheaper alternatives like a Tre Vie apartment at US$ 48 X night (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 5 sleeps) among others.