How to Organize a Holiday in Sicily with Our Dog? Thanks to the Letting Options! (Holiday Lettings in Sicily)

There is no need to leave your furry family member behind when travelling to exotic locations like the ancient island of Sicily, the top holiday spot located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Pets also suffer from stress and anxiety – sometimes more than humans- and they also deserve a holiday away from the usual day-to-day mundanity once in a while. So here is the opportunity to discover some awesome and affordable holiday lettings that allow pets to experience the same luxury as their owners in spectacular places around Sicily- which they may not ever have the chance to enjoy back home. This wonderful island has all that dogs love in life: coastal sandy beaches to run around and warm water to swim in, exotic nature habitats and parks (the Etna park and the volcano, Madonie, Segesta, etc.) luxurious holiday lettings in Sicily (at great prices for their owner), and great food above all- we all know that the gastronomic specialties of Italy are the best in the world in terms of quality and taste, and that makes any meat product exceptional too.

Fulfilling the proper vaccination requirements for your dog is always a main priority when travelling abroad, especially when visiting locations with a hot climate like the Mediterranean where viruses can run rampant during the extreme heat of the summer months. So make sure you take care of everything well in advance through your veterinarian and local embassy when planning your vacation (rabies vaccinations, proper microchip ID, pet-passport) as it can take some time- even weeks or months depending on your country’s specifications and Italian laws – to procure and process the necessary paperwork. As everybody knows bureaucracy can be a real hassle and you don’t want it to interfere with your trip schedule.

Have more than one dog? Then let them enjoy a holiday together with their loving human family at a holiday villa with great budget prices perfect for a large family or group (Find your “sicily package holidays“). Wishsicily advertises private Villas for rent accessorized with pool, luscious gardens, BBQ, outdoor patios/terraces, washer/dryer- including local or off-road excursions and tours to all the best sights in Sicily at exceptional and unbeatable prices. There is Villa Ai Mulini, located in the heart of the Madonie Mountains, with plenty of fresh air to alleviate the heat in summertime (which can take a toll on dogs especially – depending on the age and size). It has 3 bedrooms, 7 sleeps, 3 bathrooms, large pool with terrace, BBQ, and patio. Priced at E192 X night (minimum 7 nights stay) and located in the middle of a beautiful rural setting with a view of the mountain ranges, hilltops and coast, close to the best beaches of Cefalù and Lascari, the Parco Avventura, Petralie villages and Ganci (one of the most beautiful villages in Italy) it has plenty of space for your dogs- and the rest of your family- to enjoy and make it an unforgettable experience.