Just off the northeast coast of Sicily, the outstanding Aeolian Islands, with their cobalt-blue waters, are an imaginable corner of paradise.

Aeolian Islands-How to Get There

Almost from anywhere in Sicily, you can take the Aeolian Island ferry. If you are in Palermo, it could take from 2.5 to 5 hours, depending on the island you choose to go to. You can choose one of the many Aeolian Islands boat tours that will allow you to see more than only one of these marvellous islands.

Aeolian Island Holidays

Lipari is the largest and most affluent of the islands. Despite it is considered a transport hub, Lipari has great history that other islands lack. It is the perfect destination for a day trip.

Filicudi and Alicudi are the best Aeolian Islands for a honeymoon at the sound of the sea. Peaceful and remote, these islands have blue water where you can take a boat tour or scuba dive.

Panarea is the party island. This is a perfect for youngsters who want to go on a beach holiday and dance all night.

Salina is a very quiet island where green scenery and stone beaches reign. Here, you can eat one of the world’s best granitas, Italian ice, at Da Alfredo’s in Lingua and enjoy a glass of Prosecco from one of the hotels’ terraces.

Stromboli has some of the Aeolian Islands best beaches and restaurants. You can hike to the top of the volcano or go on one of the Aeolian Islands tours and enjoy the stunning view of the volcano.

 Vulcano Island

scenic view from Vulcano

Vulcano is one of the most visited of the Aeolian Islands. Its volcanic cone can be reached on foot in two hours. You can also find beautiful black-sand beaches and waterside caves.