The city of Agrigento, Sicily, has more than 150 km of coastline that captures the essence of beauty and nature and leaves those who visit amazed. Filled with rich history, great foods and stunning sites, Agrigento is a perfect paradise for vacation.

Things to do in Agrigento

If you’re looking for some tangible history that’s paired with awe striking beauty, you must see the Valley of Temples. Siting high up on the coast, the Agrigento temples of Concordia, Juno, Dioscuri, Hercules, and Zeus are all different, yet equally breathtaking, and portray a unique and well-preserved history.

Agrigento Attractions

The Agrigento Archaeological museum offers rare artifacts uncovered from a site north of the Valley of Temples. It includes Greek ceramics, a statue from the Temple of Giove and many more striking artifacts. The Agrigento ruins offer another wonderful attraction that lies in Eraclea Minoa along the Sea and contains the ruins from an ancient Greek city.

The soothing Agrigento weather provides a great atmosphere for those who love to be active and get their blood pumping. The Agrigento beaches offer fun activities such as sailing, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing and canoeing! The town of Sciacca even offers a fantastic spa treatment with a view of the Sicilian Sea!

Of course all of these beautiful sights and activities will be leaving you hungry for some great Italian food. Kalos is a filling and quality restaurant that serves classic Italian foods such as pasta and pizza! Leon d’Oro gives its visitors a taste of classic local foods such as fish, fowl and calamari as well as offering a great selection of wines and sides.

Agrigento holidays give the perfect atmosphere to all those who visit. Combined with great weather, beaches and rich history, this place is one of a kind!