Sicilian cuisine is something to relish when you take a vacation there, the seafood is incredibly fresh and delicious paired with some nice white wine made on the hills of Mount Etna. Yet, the culinary journey does not end there. Save room for Sicilian desserts and wash it down with nice Marsala, because they are to die for.

One of the most iconic Sicilian sweets is the Cannoli. There are cannolis and then there are Sicilian cannolis. This incredible dessert, called in the dialect of the island cannolu, is a fried tube of pastry dough filled with a creamy ricotta filling. The more basic the better, but if it is filled with chocolate chips or fruit it is even that much more delectable.

Another traditional Sicilian dessert is the Cassata Siciliana, the most iconic cake to come from this wonderful region. It is a sponge cake soaked in rum and also has vanilla and ricotta cheese. It is something everyone who visits Sicily must try.

For a nice breakfast or indulgence, you must get the Granita con la Briosce col Tuppo, granite with a Sicilian croissant. It is a perfect way to start the day during the hot summer months, with a cold granita and a fluffy pastry. The name, tuppo, comes from the shape of the briosce because of its hair bun-like top, after a hairstyle that used to be popular with Sicilian women.

Those are only a few of the best traditional Sicilian desserts, so go into a pastry shop and ask for a variety of Sicilian sweets off this list and you will not be disappointed :

  • Torrone alle mandorle
  • Biscotti di Pasta di Mandorle
  • Frutta martorana
  • Cartocci Siciliani
  • Buccellati
  • Pignoccata
  • Setteveli
  • Sfince di San Giuseppe
  • Spagnolette marsalesi