The lovely city of Messina, in Sicily, is a great destination or day trip for your Sicilian vacation. The city sits looking across the Strait of Messina, which separates Calabria on the Italian mainland from the Island of Sicily. It has been a major port city for thousands of years and is still a major cruise port for Sicily. This gateway to Sicily is a beautiful place to take in the wonderful weather because of its natural surroundings as well as to see the amazing historical sites. So visit Messina in Sicily on your vacation for a truly magical experience!

How to get to Messina and the Aeolian Islands

The city has a major cruise port where all of the major liners stop; it is a great excursion if you are taking a Mediterranean cruise. Also you can fly directly into the airport in Messina, Sicily and explore the city. But, you will want to take advantage of the15 minute long ferry going to or from Calabria, to either go see the mainland region of beautiful Calabria or vice versa to make a day trip to Messina. You can also find ferries to the stunning Aeolian Islands and take a nice excursion from the shore. Since the city is a hub for travelers, there are many different options so you can be flexible on your vacation.

Messina Sicily things to do

The history of Messina is rich, which can be seen in many of the wonderful attractions around the port town. The Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani is a church built by the Normans and a great portrayal of early medieval architecture. Also, the main cathedral which stands on the Piazza del Duomo was built in 1100. Although damaged by the infamous earthquake in 1908 it is still a stunning site not to miss. Many people also go to Taormina nearby to see the Greek Theater and enjoy the gorgeous beaches; it is also a great way to escape the endless crowds in Messina.