No matter when you decide to go to Sicily, you will never be bored. Events in Sicily never stop, all year-round. Every city and town has its own traditional festival and offers a variety of attractions for both tourists and locals.

Religious Festivals

The two largest cities, Palermo and Catania, host some of the most important events in Sicily. Celebration of Santa Rosalia and Sant’Agata, patron saints of these cities, are huge, followed by a fun masked procession on Good Friday in which hundreds of people get on the streets to express their religion culture.

Le Sagre: Food Festivals

The so-called sagre (food festivals) are some of the most typical events in Sicily. If you are hungry, you can walk around food stands with artichokes in Cerda, the famous pistachios of Bronte, sausages, cheese, etc., and sample all the best products that Sicily has to offer. In Palermo you can go to the Cannoli & Friends festival which has Sicilians’ favorite sweets: cassata and cannoli! At the Sagra dell’Olio in the Nebrodi Mountains, you can sample hundreds of locally produced olive oil, tomatoes, olives and much more.

Art festivals

Town like Caltagirone, Sciacca and Acireale prefer to show off their artistic talents with festivals featuring handmade pottery, ceramic, and mosaics made of petals called the Infiorata. Syracuse, Segesta, and Tindari host Greek theatre festivals, while the WOMAD festival is typical of the town of Taormina.

Wine festivals

If you are a wine lover, you might want to stop at one of the hundreds of wine sagre in Sicily and taste the authenticity of locally produced wine. Most town and villages have their own food and wine sicilian festivals.
For example the Sagra dei Sapori Chiaramontani takes place in the town of Chiaramonte where you can enjoy great food and wine along with beautiful fireworks.