Here is How to Reach the East Coast of Sicily: Flying to Catania
Catania is the most convenient place to start your holiday in Sicily and it is the main port of entry for tourists visiting the island. It is right at the foot of Mt. Etna, close to the popular resort town of Taormina and within reachable distance to Messina in the Northeast, to the Parks of Madonie and Nebrodi to the North West, to Greek-influenced Syracuse and the Val di Noto in the South, and is the perfect starting point for a cross country trip to the best beaches in the Agrigento Coast to the West (2 ½ hr drive from Catania). Some of the best deals for flights to Sicily, from the UK can be found on many popular online portals and as we all know the price range varies from day to day during the busy holiday season.

However, there are some interesting budget-friendly flights to Catania Sicily from London Gatwick with British Airways currently, through via EDreams, for a one-week round trip (May 30th to June 6th) starting at £167 and going up to £168 (with Opodo) or £173-£176 with Norwegian Air (eDreams) and British Airways (GotoGate). For a quick 4-day getaway, at the beginning of June Google offers non-stop flights with British Airways starting at EUR 182 round trip, and EUR 175 for connecting flights with multiple airlines.

There are also excellent services of car hire Sicily Catania Airport (Fontanarossa) that will definitely serve you well because there is nothing better than enjoying a comfortable cross-country road trip across Sicily, which is still an island and due to its moderate size can be travelled quite easily by car- as opposed to the public transportation services, most of which will not take you to the scenic spots in the country or up the rolling hills of mountaintop towns like Erice and other exotic locations like Segesta, the solitary Zingaro nature reserve, or the towns around the Val di Noto. You can also choose where to go at your own pace and if you are travelling in the mountainous regions of Nebrodi, Madonie, or Vendicari, a car is your best option.

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