From Palermo, Sicily’s capital, you can easily hop on a bus or a train to reach the city center or any other area in the region. However, if you’re planning on going on an incredible day tour from Palermo, the Island of Ustica is what you are looking for!


Ustica: a picturesque corner of paradise

The Protected Marine Area of the Aeolian volcanic chain, Ustica, is a tiny island 60 km (37 miles) north of Palermo in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The emerging land is actually the tip of a submerged volcano.

Along its shore, you can notice sparkling rocks of any color and shape kept alive by the Atlantic current.

Aeolian marine reserve

This island dates back to the Paleolithic era and was named by the Greeks Osteodes, meaning bone island, due to the human remains found after the Carthaginian mercenaries. However, the mythology of this island offers a more romantic version of the story. It says that the bones were those of sailors who, enchanted by the song of the sirens, crashed against the rocks and made of the sea their home.

On your day trip, you should think about going snorkeling or even scuba diving because the marine life is unbelievable! Red and black corals, rockfish, white beam, sea bass, and much more fill the waters underneath the surface.

Be sure to plan ahead your day trips from Palermo and to purchase the ferry ticket to visit Ustica.

You can also easily buy bus and train tickets at tobacco vendors and coffee shops, called bars. The train ticket from Palermo to the historic center cost 6 euros and takes about 40 minutes. A taxi is your more expensive option, around 50 euros for a 25-minute car ride.