One of the most iconic cities in Sicily is Cefalù, located on the Northern coast and enjoys a beautiful setting beside the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a perfect place to take a seaside holiday, with its historic buildings, fishing villages and sandy beaches. Cefalu, Sicily, is amazing because of the eclectic mix of cultures that have left their mark; from the Normans and Byzantines to the Arabic and Spanish cultures. It is truly on of the most pristine places to visit in Italy.

How to get there

The city is located within reach from the Palermo airport and easily accessible by train or the Autostrada. The train station is located within walking distance of the historic city center which is probably the easiest way to get to your accommodations. The weather in Cefalù (pronounced chef-a-loo) is best in the summer so you can enjoy the many beaches while still enjoying the nice ocean breeze.


One of the most prominent sites to see is of course the Duomo. Built in 1131 this Byzantine inspired church dominates the historic center and is a must-see because of its golden artwork and incredible mosaics. Above the church is the Rocca, which is a hill overlooking the city where the ruins of the Temple of Diana lie. This was a huge stone structure built in the 5th century BC and enjoys the best view of the ancient town as well as the beautiful surroundings. The history of Cefalù, Sicily began when refugees from the Greek city of Himera fled to the secluded spot to protect themselves from the Carthaginians. With the protection of the Rocca and its mountainous surroundings, the city grew into a commercial town. On the water the sandy beach stretching along the city is the best place to relax after exploring the ancient town, where you can watch the fishing boats and tourists during the hot summer months.