You’ve seen the pictures, heard about its beaches, food and wine and now have the task of finding a cheap holiday to Sicily that matches your budget. The good news is that if you want to stay in a villa or apartment, you can pick up anything from a cheap one-week holiday for two on the beach in Sicily to a super-luxurious large group villa in the heart of the island.

Cheap holidays to Sicily: where to stay

One of the golden rules if you are looking for cheap holidays in Sicily is to choose your location carefully. Be prepared to pay higher prices in Taormina, in Cefalù or for a beach view. On the other hand, if you like the idea of getting slightly more off the beaten track, there are some great bargains to be had inland. Stay in the Madonie or Nebrodi mountains and you can still reach the beach but will have the added attraction of dramatic views and an insight into a more authentic way of life.

It is still possible to get a cheap holiday by the sea in Sicily. On the west coast of Sicily, we have a broad selection of properties in and Trapani and Marsala where costs may be slightly lower than in Sicily’s more traditional seaside resorts. Most of these have private pools or direct access to the beach and are well-placed for exploring western Sicily.

One of the joys of a self-catering holiday in Sicily is shopping and eating Sicilian-style! Buy locally, in shops and markets, and you will have no choice but to eat what is in season which, if you are a family or large group, will certainly keep down costs. Feast on nectarines and figs and stock up on freshly-picked aubergines and tomatoes for a traditional Sicilian dish of caponata. When you feel like eating out, steer clear of the tourist spots or follow the locals to find the best and cheapest food. If you are staying near Palermo or Catania, head into the city to sample the fantastic street food such as arancini or panelle (chickpea fritters).

The time you take your holiday is going to have a huge bearing on its cost. There are some excellent cheap holidays available in Sicily between April and June, while holidaying in July and August means higher prices on your accommodation and significantly higher prices for your flights. If you have a family and are restricted by school holidays, why not try grabbing a week during half term- in spring, or looking into cheap holidays to Sicily in October. You might also find a much better deal simply looking for a trip at the very end of August, rather than in the first two weeks of the month.

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