Away from the Summer Crowds we Visit Sicily in September, October, and November. Here is the Perfect Guide to Holidays in Sicily during the Fall Season

The advantages of out-of-season holidays – especially during Autumn – are often overlooked by tourists. But the colorful and friendly ambience of the Fall season, with its bright shades of brown, yellow, red and scarlet impressed upon the falling leaves, the mild comfortable temperature, and the sunny Autumn days representing a monument to the memory and last moments of the once fruitful and now dying year, are what make it the perfect season to travel and enjoy in many special places around the world before the cold arrives. Winter or Summer can always be bothersome to some when you have to venture outside to see the sights, as it can always be too hot or too cold.

The main advantage of holidays in places like the ancient Italian island of Sicily is that it has a mild climate all year-round, and with its perfect Mediterranean and seasonal temperatures, Sicily ranks as one of the top traveling destinations at all times of the year, and largely also during the months of September, October and November. Among the best advantages of a visit to Sicily and perhaps a stay at an affordable Byzantine/Doric style restored Sicilian villa for rent, with a private garden and pool (especially in September which is still relatively warm), are also the prices – including air travel – which range well below those of Summer or Christmas. lists deals ranging from £274 X person for a package holiday trip from London’s Heathrow to Palermo and a 7 day stay at Villa Belvedere in Cefalù (Double/twin room, Bed & Breakfast). Why not enjoy the Mediterranean fall walking in the fresh breeze of the orchard trees in the botanical gardens of Taormina, or strolling through the park reserves of the Isola Bella (with scenic boat rides around the bay), of Segesta, or the Greco-Roman temples of Concord, Juno and Olympian Zeus by Agrigento without the tourist-crowded summer heat or freezing winter temperatures (especially at high elevated altitudes?)

The volcanic panorama of Mt. Etna or the Aeolian islands of Stromboli and Vulcano, with their smoking fumes of lava and magma, are a special experience during the fall, and the heat rising from the ground also makes for a more comfortable trip, when compared to Summer or Winter, during the volcano-trekking guided tours and hikes of the volcanic regions and nature reserves of in the Island.