If you are traveling to Sicily, the Egadi Islands are one of the sites that you have to see. The largest in the island chain, Favignana, is a wonderful place to start because it is easily accessible and not overcrowded. Favignana Sicily is a hidden gem of the area making it a great spot to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Here is a quick guide to the laid-back island, of things to do in Favignana and how to get to the island.

How to get there

The island is very accessible because of its close proximity to Trapani and its airport. The airport has many fight connections from all over Europe. The Favignana ferry has frequent trips to and from Trapani as well as the rest of the Egadi Islands. It is such a charming place because it has always been a spot for leisurely Italian tourists, is easy to get to and is not frequented by the showy crowds.

What to do

First you will want to wander around the wonderful little town, which has a great piazza and amazing fresh seafood restaurants. Then, a good way to discover the island of Favignana is to take a tour by boat or rent bicycles and make your way around. It is relatively flat and has very little traffic, making it an ideal place to rent bikes and explore. One place you must explore is the tufa quarries, which are caverns with incredible interior formations that are utilized for bizarre gardens in some cases.

The beaches in Favignana are also amazingly secluded and a great way to relax after wandering around the island on a hot day. Cala Rossa and Lido Burrone are two of the best beaches on the island. If you want to enjoy the Favignana weather in style, go to Lido Burrone which as a bar and more tourist accommodations, whereas the other is a bit more rugged.