Destination: Taormina for your Holidays in Sicily!

When deciding on your holiday to Sicily, keep in mind that of all the innumerable historical, natural and artistic treasures in the island and its surrounding Ionian and Aegadian archipelagos, Taormina is undoubtedly special and unique in many ways and stands out for many reasons- which is why, along with Agrigento, it is the most popular spot for visitors to Sicily. Not only are Taormina Sicily holidays a good and convenient choice due to its location which is close to the main airport (Fontanarossa) in Catania (the principal destination for arriving tourists), but especially because Taormina itself, and its Isola Bella by the bay, are listed as 2 out of the 51 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Italy, the country with the largest number- out of 1,031 listed worldwide – followed by China, which holds 48. It is also strategically positioned within and near the best sites around the island, which can easily be reached by travelling the coast or inland. Sicily is after a small island and this makes on-the-road trips even more exciting and attractive for tourists as every spot can be reached between 1/2hr to 2 or 3 hr.

Its beautiful coastal setting, perched over a cliff overlooking the coast and sandy beaches below (like ever popular Giardini Naxos); its 3rd Century B.C. Greco-Roman Amphitheatre- wonderfully preserved to this day – with nearby Mt. Etna looming in the background; the protected bay of the Isola Bella with its rare exotic flora, fauna and sea species, are only some of the reasons why out of all the places to spend some time in Sicily Taormina holidays are a unique and special experience for anyone who is a nature lover, or interested in everything from geology to ornithology, art, architecture and history in general among many others. You can also make your way to the nearby Nebrodi and Madonie natural parks for some quiet and solitude surrounded by the nature of Mediterranan, or drive west to the lovely port town of Cefalù for a gastronomic tour to taste the local fish products.

Taormina’s millennia old legacy has also inspired countless writers, poets, and artists from ancient Greco-Roman times up until the present- in fact also the popular author Truman Capote stayed there for 5 months, between 1950 to 1951 where he wrote his famous essay “Fontana Vecchia.” So artists looking for inspiration are definitely encouraged to take a holiday in Taormina, Sicily so they can feel for themselves how the Mediterranean atmosphere is still carrying the legacy of centuries. Renting a beautiful Villa modelled in authentic Sicilian architecture, is another splendid way to make your stay more comfortable and with an at-home feel but also added luxuries such as a private pool, garden, BBQ, and breath-taking panorama. Check out wishsicily’s unbeatable budget-friendly collection of villas rented directly by the owners; they are a perfect resource for families or groups of friends seeking a low-budget and still luxurious holiday to sicily to enjoy in style.