Embark on a Trip to Discover the Best of Sicily! Your Next Holidays in Taormina

Taormina is one of the best places to visit if you plan to spend your holidays in the Italian island of Sicily. It is also the ideal location if your trip is short due to time constraints, since it has all the best that Southern Italy has to offer in terms of ancient art, architecture and magnificent archeological treasures and natural reserves.

Holidays to Taormina: what makes this city so special

It is the place to be whether you are a nature-lover, an art and history aficionado, or enjoy a swim in the best beach resorts and crystal clear bays of Sicily’s coastal areas and the islands of the Ionian Archipelago. The mystique of the panorama only add to its value as one of the preferred tourist travel destinations; one need only look at the majestic sight of Mt. Etna towering in front of Taormina’s villas (where volcano-trekking tours are also available) to get an idea of the richness and diversity of the region’s natural habitat, that stands out as a reminder of the changing, complex transformations the environment underwent over the course of millennia and the symbiotic relationship that developed between nature and its volcanic setting- as evinced in the luscious forests, wild fauna and rare species of plants, flowers and trees of the many parks and natural reserves in the mainland and coastal areas; a direct result of the rich and fertile volcanic soil present all throughout Sicily (which moreover has added to the quality of the crops and excellence of Sicily’s culinary delights).

Its diversity is complemented by the many temples, ruins and monuments of Greek, Roman, Arabic, Spanish and Norman/Gothic origin that have left an indelible mark on the landscape. Carefully preserved and restored, they are even better than those in Greece. The Greek amphitheater (3rd Century B.C.) is a main attraction where many cultural events and festivals are held (at an admission price of 6 Euros X person it is well worth the money). The Isola Bella by the bay is a protected natural reserve with fantastic sandy beaches, and the many gardens and orchards in Taormina (see the Botanical Gardens) will immerse you in the multi-varied scenery of the Mediterranean.