What people look forward to find in your Sicily villa

the most sought features customers usually look for in a holiday home

What people look forward to find in your Sicily villa

We’re sure you have often asked yourself: "What are the most sought features customers usually look for in a holiday home in Sicily"? Find below a list of the 10 most required features gathered for you, in a fun albeit realistic merit parade.

10th place

The house “for smokers”. Unfortunately, still today there are those who hardly resist the charming “fag” and even though there has been a declining trend from the 80's up to today, a good chunk of this market looks for it as one of the main features when choosing a holiday home. To satisfy such request, the first possible thing to do is to disseminate ashtrays all over the property, but for the outdoor, you could sort it out with contemporary little sand casks, maybe taken from the nearest beach or you could also limit the chance to smoke only to some areas of the property (e.g. on the terrace or on the porch).

9th place

Luxurious Jacuzzi & spa. Increasingly in demand in the luxury real estate; it certainly comes along with habits and tendencies of an increasingly demanding and sophisticated clientele. This service also includes sauna, Turkish bath, and gym.

8th place

The balcony and / or terrace. At first glance you would think of the possibility of looking out or enjoying special views; actually this feature is sought by the client according to the intrinsic desire of dining outdoor and / or enjoying a drink at sunset.

7th place

The garden. Key feature for families with children and/or pets which come along. It is essential to remember that also a garden needs furniture, therefore it is important to point out the presence of outdoor furniture.

6th place

The barbecue. In case you had got an outdoor area suitable for barbecue, do not wait, invest in a “good value for money” one. Your guest will definitely appreciate it during the spring and autumn seasons. The Anglo-Saxon customer tends to make an extensive use of it, even in the hottest months of July and August

5th place

“Pets welcome” holiday homes. A growing trend requests to bring pets along. Undoubtedly, such factor makes us bode that fewer and fewer people are keen on leaving their “friend” when holiday time approaches. It is recommended to accept pets in those properties with large outdoor spaces.

4th place

Cot and high chair. Every sizable holiday home should have them available. Cots and high chairs are bulky, lumbering, and expensive to be carried around, especially on board (when flying), for families with children.

3rd place

Internet. Nowadays, the travelling customer wants and tends to stay in touch with his/her work environment, even when on holiday. Having access to his/her mailbox and the network in general, is indispensable not only for the manager or businessman/woman but also for the most common guest. A holiday home which does not provide Internet access, is likely to see its potential income halved. Undoubtedly, WI-FI connection is the most sought since the customer always tends to bring his/her own laptop along . Actually, investing into Internet connection should be a priority in the holiday home modern business.

2nd place

Air conditioning (if not even with the 1st place). In the collective imagination abroad, Sicily is almost seen as if it were another Africa, humid and hot especially in the summer, and let's face it, during some sultry August days, when the sirocco wind blows from the south-east, sleepless nights tend to become a quite recurring factor among Sicilians, due to the heat. But using the air condition is as essential as it is necessary to manage the cost of it, not only because of the appliance price as for the cost the bill could generate. Therefore it would be appropriate to insert an extra cost item, according to the market, for this service consumption. This would help the customer to make a more responsible and sustainable use out of it.

1st place

The undisputed winner on our list is definitely the swimming pool. Private or common, is the most requested feature on the market; surprisingly, even for those holiday homes located by the sea. If you succeeded in such investment, you would definitely see a medium as well as long term profit, not to mention that your property would dramatically increase its market value. It is also worth recalling that, with same property conditions, a holiday home with swimming pool can be marketed with a average 20-30% higher price.