an island consisting of four volcanoes


As famous for its name as its mud baths, this is an island of black sand beaches, bubbling mid-sea fumaroles and, depending on the direction of the wind, the odd waft of sulphurous gases.

The island is dominated by the Fossa di Vulcano, a smoking volcano in the north east of the island which was believed by the ancient Romans to be the chimney for the fire god Vulcan’s workshop. The climb to the volcano’s crater, along a path that begins about a kilometre out of town on the road to Gelso, takes just under an hour.

The Fanghi di Vulcano (mud baths) and offshore fumaroles are close to the port.

The small villages of Gelso and Piano (by bus or scooter) are also worth a visit. Gelso is a picturesque little port with a family-run restaurant and two black sand beaches, Spiaggia dell’Asina and Spiaggia Cannitello. Both have a café and sun bed rental.