The welcome letter

A template to draw up your Welcome Letter

The welcome letter

In order to enjoy a peaceful sojourn it is essential that guests report, as soon as possible to the hosts, any kind of problem, such as lack of cleanliness in one of the rooms or a faulty appliance. The sooner the guest reports a fault, more chances you have to make up for the problem occurred, thus avoiding possible negative reviews or, even worse, reimbursement requests.

Do not expect a problem to be reported at the time of check-in; the customer is more likely to find the problem (if any) in the following few hours. Therefore, make sure the customer is aware he/she needs to report any trouble as soon as possible. Reminding it, only verbally, during the check-in procedure may not be enough. A very useful tool which can help you with this is the Welcome Letter, left in plain sight, perhaps next to the “welcome basket” you arranged before the arrival of the guests.

Following a standard template in order to draw up your Welcome Letter for your villa in Sicily:

Welcome to (PROPERTY NAME)!

I hope You had a pleasant and comfortable journey, and that You did not have any trouble reaching (PROPERTY NAME).

It is important now to relax and begin enjoying Your holiday.

We have arranged for You a small welcome basket, with some basic food, we hope it will be appreciated. You will also find some information on the property and points of interest in the area.

Please report any sort of inefficiency within the first 24hr. Here are the phone numbers we can be reached at:

We also invite You to leave your comments on the guestbook You will find in the living room.

We wish You a pleasant and relaxing stay at (PROPERTY NAME)

Yours faithfully,