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Villas, apartments and holiday homes with activities and excursions in Sicily

Villas, apartments and holiday homes with activities and excursions in Sicily

Why not make the most of your holiday in Sicily by cultivating an existing special interest such as cooking or diving or even trying something completely new? We’ve teamed up with local specialists throughout the island to offer a range of truly memorable activities that cater for all tastes.

You can really experience the best of Sicily and learn so much about the island by delving into its cuisine. History plays a huge part in the island’s food heritage, with each of its invaders having left its own mark, and a cookery lesson is the tastiest way we know to find out more about the island’s past! For a full-on Sicilian experience, start your lesson with a visit to the markets in Palermo or Catania. Alternatively, if you’re interested in food but prefer to get out and about, there are bustling street food markets, wine-tasting opportunities and fascinating culinary traditions to explore such as the production of chocolate in Modica.

Sicily’s natural features mean there’s plenty to do if you’re looking for more energetic pursuits, either water-based or on land, and if you’re holidaying with a large group, choosing a villa with activities nearby is a good way to keep everyone happy. Head for the east coast for water-based adventures that range from sailing to body-rafting and river trekking. Mini-cruises to Sicily’s offshore islands are also popular. If you prefer to stay on land, take your pick from jeep tours, quad bike excursions and some spectacular hiking.

If you prefer a more culture-packed holiday, we can organise guided tours to some of the island’s most fascinating sights. Take a private guided tour of Syracuse’s historic centre or choose a villa in the south east corner of Sicily as your base, to give you easy access to the baroque towns of the Val di Noto. For a fully-immersive week, a villa in the island’s north east is ideal for exploring many of the island’s treasures. Start with the Arab-Norman UNESCO sites in Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù and the ancient Greek temple of Segesta, hop over to the Carthaginian fortress on the island of Mothya and, if there’s still time, squeeze in an opera at the magnificent Teatro Massimo in Palermo!