Sicilian islands and archipelagos

Aegadian, Aeolian and Pelagie Islands, Ustica and Pantelleria

Sicilian islands and archipelagos

Sicily’s dozen or so offshore islands are quite different from one another in temperament and appearance. There are essentially four groups of islands, all of which are accessible by ferry or hydrofoil – the archipelago of seven Aeolian Islands off the north coast of Sicily; Ustica and the three Aegadian Islands to the west; the three Pelagie islands; and Pantelleria, Sicily’s largest offshore island and a volcanic outcrop that is best known for its white-domed lava rock dammusi and Passito di Pantelleria dessert wine.

The UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands have their own very unique brand of beauty, thanks to their volcanic origins. The Aegadian Islands are less dramatic and possibly more low key but they are certainly very charming and the surrounding waters are a major attraction for divers.
Tuna, capers, Malvasia and sweet Zibibbo dessert wines are all products of the islands.

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