Prearrange your Sicily holiday home

preparing your holiday home in Sicily for the arrival of guests

Prearrange your Sicily holiday home

What should you have ready before the arrival of your guests? Take a look at the list of “must-do” we have put together for you: 

Personal and home hygiene is essential

therefore provide your property with essential products, useful for every day cleaning: hand soap, dish and floor soap, universal degreaser, and toilet paper . A perfect idea is to test your holiday home yourself for 3-4 days, so as to list the basic needs and any potential fault. 

Make sure everything works properly

the fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, TV, and any other piece of equipment available to the customer. 

Arrange a welcome hamper for your guests

containing some food essentials such as water, wine, milk, coffee, sugar, salt, bread, and pasta. A small supply will be enough to make it through the weekend. 

Provide your holiday home with

board games, DVD movies, playing cards, and books; your customers will appreciate them in those rainy days or when the only thing they want is to stay home and relax. 

Leave, somewhere in the house, a “checklist”

of all the tools available in the kitchen and all other useful supplies you have left all over the house (e.g., DVD player, stereo, tea cups, etc ...); a list of restaurants, supermarkets, and points of interest in the town centre adjacent to your holiday home. Moreover, do not forget a list of useful telephone numbers (hospital / E.R., taxi service, police, fire fighters). 

Remove any blunt object

or any other dangerous item which could imperil the customer. If you need a place in the house where to store your own belongings, opt for a cupboard in a discreet point of your house, also difficult to be accessed. 

Make sure the customer is aware of the necessity to report any fault and/or problem (of any nature) as soon as possible.

Reminding it verbally during the check-in procedure, may not be enough. A helpful tool, in this case, is the “Welcome Letter”, left in plain sight, maybe by the welcome hamper you have prearranged for your guests, prior to their arrival. 

Leave, a “Guest Book” in plain sight,

where the customer will feel free to write his/her own comments on your property and provide helpful advice for future bookings.