Payment Protection Policy

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Payment Protection Policy

WishSicily of the Support Sicily SRL is a fully bonded Italian Tour Operator covered by the "Il Salvagente" Guarantee Fund which works similarly to ABTA in UK.

In this section we show terms and conditions of our Payment Protection Policy applied on your booking (the "Policy"), which is offered to our clients booking a holiday home in Sicily only when the "Secure payment" logo is shown on the detail chart of each Sicily holiday home published on

The Policy is ruled by the following terms and conditions as well as the Terms and Conditions of the Web Site, which turns out to be an essential part of terms and conditions of the Policy itself.

Any dispute risen from the interpretation, validity, or enforcement of this Policy shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of Palermo.

If you do not agree with the Policy terms and conditions, then there will be no right to any refund or to exercise other rights under the Policy itself.

WishSicily reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the Policy at any time, changing the web page of reference on the Website or by posting notices on any other parts of the Website.

1. To be eligible for reimbursement provided by the Policy, you must meet the requirements listed below:

a. The access to the booked property was denied or prevented.

b. The nature of the complaint falls under the "Circumstances Covered" by the Policy (as defined below).

c. After taking all feasible and reasonable measures to solve the issue directly with the owner before making a formal request in relation to this Policy.

d. The booking payment was made via credit card or bank transfer to the account of Support Sicily srl and/or to the owner of the property booked and/or to any agency/company linked to the owner of the property booked.

e. The person making the reimbursement claim is the same person who made the booking.

f. The maximum reimbursable amount is the total amount paid for the booking (Coverage Limit).

N.B. If you have requested a refund from the company that issued the same credit card used for the reservation payment, in relation to the “Circumstances Covered” mentioned, then WishSicily will not be able to process the reimbursement request, provided by the Policy.

2. Circumstances Covered by the Policy:

The policy provides a reimbursement for losses up to the "Coverage Limit” in the “Circumstances Covered” listed below, provided you meet the requirement "d" listed in point "1" of this Policy:

  1. Fraudulent Ads - for example: the property for rent is not directly owned by the lessor (the Owner), the lessor, who is, in this case, the advertiser is not legally allowed to rent the property advertised.
  2. Fraudulent activities - for example: the owner e-mail address (or the one belonging to the person on his/her behalf) has been forged by a third party for nefarious purposes therefore damaging the Guest during the payment session.
  3. Overbooking - The Owner has made a double booking therefore causing an objective damage to the guest when accessing the property.
  4. Access denied - for example: the Guest has paid for the rental of the property in accordance with terms and conditions, but the access to the property for rent was denied or the property itself was not actually for rent. Such circumstance does not cover any delay in accessing the rental property, whether they are due to causes attributable to the Guest or to Owner.

3. Losses and/or damages are NOT covered by the Policy:

The policy does not offer reimbursement in none of the losses and/or damages circumstances listed below:

  • The Payment Protection (Secure payment) logo is not showed on the property web page.
  • The Guest accepts an alternative accommodation proposed by WishSicily and/or by the Owner.
  • Losses and/or damages related to force majeure causes (e.g. weather conditions, natural disasters, disruptions directly connected to the local municipal administration, such as lack of water and/or electricity, roadwork, etc.).
  • Losses associated with descriptions and photos that should not result truthful nor consistent with the real features of the property and in particular for those holiday homes that have not been provided with the logo “Certified property”. In such event, the Owner shall be personally liable for the disruption occurred, raising Wish Sicily from any liability.
  • Losses and/or damages associated with the rejection of the Guest to occupy the property.
  • Partial or total loss of the security deposit and/or any other form of money given to the Owner therefore under the direct responsibility of the latter.
  • Losses caused by payments made by check or in cash or in any other form other than the one specified in section “1” letter “d” of this Policy.
  • Losses associated with payments made to an Owner that has been previously reported through a written notice by WishSicily, to be running a fraudulent or unreliable ad.
  • Losses associated with payments made to an Owner for an ad that has been removed and/or no longer present on WishSicily.
  • Losses and/or damages associated with a reservation that has been canceled and/or void. In such case please refer to the cancellation policy on our web site's Terms and Conditions.
  • Losses and/or damages associated with air travel, car rental, loss of baggage and/or personal belongings, and to any other product/service not mentioned in the invoice issued by Support Sicily srl.
  • The Owner and Guest appear to be acquaintances and/or to have a family relationship.

4. Procedure for requesting and obtaining a reimbursement:

  1. In the event the Guest is denied, by the Owner, both the access to the property and the reimbursement requested under the Circumstances Covered by the Policy, and yet, if a satisfactory agreement had not been achieved by both parties (Guest and Owner), the Guest is invited to inform WishSicily within 24 hours before the date of access to the property via e-mail, to, or by calling the headquarter of Palermo at +39 091 786 0606.
  2. Download the Refund Claim Form we e-mailed you, fill it out in all its parts and send it to WishSicily within 7 days of receipt via e-mail to or by posting it to the WishSicily address of Support Sicily srl - Via Uditore 11h - 90145 Palermo.
  3. If the event the Guest deemed to have been victim of a scam or otherwise of any type of fraudulent activity, he/she will be required to report the incident to the closer Police District or Carabinieri department and attach a copy of the claim report to the Refund Claim Form which will be send to WishSicily as described above.
  4. WishSicily is committed to managing the reimbursement request with the utmost seriousness and professionalism in an satisfactory short time lapse, generally not longer than 14 days from the date of the refund application. In addition WishSicily will keep the Guest informed, via e-mail, about every step of the claim process.
  5. The legitimacy of the refund will be screened exclusively upon WishSicily in charged staff discretion, and every decision made is to be final, binding, and not subject to further forms of plea bargaining.