Managing a discount request

how to best manage a discount request for your Sicily villas

Managing a discount request

You might have already received discount requests, and given the current economic uncertainty, these requests occur with an increasing frequency.

Obviously, whether to accept or not a request for a discount only depends on you, however, the tips listed below can help you to drive the deal, in both cases:

  • Do not interpret the discount request as an insult to the value of your Sicily holiday home. The discount request from the client is legitimate and absolutely normal.
  • Ponder on the lowest possible management costs. A reservation that generates a minimum profit is always better than leaving your villa in Sicily empty. Such consideration should be certainly made if you were to receive a last minute request or you have to deal with a cancellation.
  • If you are not able to offer a lower price, tell them the reasons mentioning the high season request and/or the management costs. In turn, offer possible alternative services or recommend a period of low season. Some customers are flexible and might choose a different check-in date.
  • If you are not able to offer a discount, suggest the likelihood of receiving some extra services for instance, in addition to the welcome hamper, offer a guided tour, tickets for a main event or a welcome dinner.
  • In the event the request concerns a medium term reservation, for instance for 2/3 weeks, offer a discount of at least 10% on the second and/or third week of stay. The customer will have the feeling his/her request has been welcomed and you, on the contrary, guarantee yourself a coveted medium term reservation.
  • Lastly, you may welcome a discount request in case of an immediate payment of the entire amount of the reservation. This will ensure a profit even in the event of cancellations.