Manage your booking

How to manage your Sicily villa reservations successfully

Manage your booking

An efficient and professional booking request and customer arrival management concerns both parties’ interests. Furthermore, following standard procedure will limit the chances of making mistakes and will make your holiday home management in Sicily less stressful.

Here are some tips on how to handle your booking procedure efficaciously; from the availability request to the security deposit return.

1. Booking confirmation

Once you have certified the availability of your holiday home and upon receipt of booking confirmation, it is important to set a 4-5 day optional time for the period at issue, so as to avoid overloading of further requests. Such optional time shall allow the customer to confirm the booking (through paying down) and to return the signed contract.

The down payment you request should not exceed 30% of the total amount and make sure you clarify whether such amount is refundable, and if so, to what extent; moreover specify the date the client is required to settle.

We reiterate that the customer will be required to send you payment confirmation and signed contract by the expiration date of the optional time mentioned above. In case such term were not to be respected, verify the reasons of delay, by contacting the customer, before deleting the request, permanently.

2. Payments 

Establish a period for requesting a down payment or the full amount at the time of booking. This means that if the customer books well in advance, it is always recommended to request a deposit and to settle 60 days before the request arrival.

In case of cancellation, whereas only down payment has been received, take advantage of that time frame to put your holiday home back on the market for other potential customers. On the other hand, in case the customer booked in a time frame of less than 60 days prior to arrival, you will be legitimate to ask for the total amount as an ultimate confirmation.

Always specify the cancellation policy you have previously pointed out in the booking contract.

Remember to mention any additional cost to be paid cash, on the spot, as well as the security deposit; the latter is to be considered an immediate reimbursement in case of any damage caused to your holiday home and / or unpaid bills left by the departing customer. It is your concern to require the security deposit at check-in time.

3. Check-in and Check-out instructions 

Upon receipt of the sum as booking confirmation, send specific notes regarding the check-in and check-out procedure along with detailed directions on how to reach your holiday home, most of the time from any one of the airports in Sicily. Google map is generally the most used tool to indicate the route of arrival.

4. The welcoming 

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5. Check-out 

You have already given a summary of the check-out procedure at the time of booking confirmation, yet we recommend to reiterate it at the time of the check-in. Meet your guests on the departure day, at a time you have previously arranged, so that you’ll be able to inspect your holiday home, with discretion, so as to spot any damage caused during their sojourn. Calculate the cost of any damage, always in agreement with the customer, by deducing it from the security deposit which you will return to your guest upon deliverance of your property keys.