The Insurance Policy for your holiday villa in Sicily

A guideline for choosing the insurance policy for your holiday homes and villas in Sicily

The Insurance Policy for your holiday villa in Sicily

When choosing an insurance for your holiday home in Sicily, you should make sure it covers the property’s family use as well as the holiday one.

In addition to the insurance on the mere property and its interior, a public liability insurance is required: this would guarantee protection in the event any legal issue associated with the location of the holiday home arose.

The following points portray a guideline to follow when choosing the insurance policy for your holiday home in Sicily:


Insurance policy on the property and the interior

  • Insurance policies should cover for accidental damages caused by the guests, not just by the owner.
  • The insurance on the property is expected to cover the cost of rebuilding your house while the insurance on the interior should cover for your furniture and personal chattels.
  • Verify all the specific safety procedures required – in order to prevent the annulment of your policy.
  • Check how long your property can be left unattended without nullifying your insurance coverage.
  • Look for an insurance policy that covers theft through unlocked doors and/or windows, in order to result covered in case the windows should be left open.
  • This policy offers the same coverage you have on your main residence and in case of damages to your property, it covers everything it contains.
  • Ensure the outdoor furniture is covered by the insurance policy as well as the interior.


Public Liability Insurance

  • This insurance policy will cover you from any kind of appeal the host could file against you, in case he/she gets injured during his/her stay in your Sicily holiday home.
  • Look for an insurance company that offers custom made policies for holiday lettings.
  • A compensation that covers up to € 2 million is recommended.
  • Remind your guests that getting their own travel insurance in order to be covered for any medical care received during their sojourn, is their responsibility. Ensure you make this condition clear in all your emails as well as in your booking contract.
  • Ensure that public liability insurance is extended to the pool and any accident related to it.
  • Some insurance companies may offer coverage on the loss of potential profits in case of fire and/or damage caused by flooding. Be sure to double check all the clauses written in lowercase, because some policies may cover only for the bookings already acquired and they might not take into account any of the reservations which need to be cancelled after the accident.
  • If you were to decide not to rent your Sicily villa out, you still have to be very careful when choosing your policy. Many property insurers provide coverage up to a certain number of days of non-occupancy and passed this time, usually 30-60 days, the coverage could turn out to be worthless.