Furniture and decoration

your holiday home needs to be welcoming, safe, and functional

Furniture and decoration

Here are some tips on how to make your holiday home in Sicily welcoming, safe, and functional, keeping in mind that details always make the difference! It is therefore necessary to choose the right equipment with care.

Sometimes saving on holiday furniture can turn out to be counter-productive; remember that raddled materials play a crucial role in these cases, therefore pay special attention to price/quality ratio when buying a new piece of furniture for your property.

In the kitchen

  • Make sure nothing is missing for an efficient "self-catering" use and that everything works perfectly: the fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, and any other electrical piece of equipment available to your guests. Toaster, kettle, microwave, blender etc. .. are extra supplies, yet far appreciated by the guests.
  • Provide a pantry for your guests, with some food essentials such as water, wine, milk, coffee, sugar, salt, bread, and pasta. A small supply to make it through the weekend will be enough. A small supply of detergents, liquid soaps, sponges, and dishcloths is also essential.
  • Also provide an adequate number of pots and pans of different size and make sure the number of cutlery, plates, and glasses is more than enough for the number of guests you are expecting (we recommend you to make it double the number of your guests). 

In the living room and/or dining room 

  • Make sure the number of seats is equal the number of guests.
  • Provide the guests with a suitably sized TV, a CD player, a DVD player, board games, movies, playing cards, and books. Moreover don’t underestimate a videogame console: a crucial detail in a holiday home designed for families with children.
  • We recommend to supply washable covers for sofas as well as coasters on the dining table.
  • Remove all small blunt items, or any other object which you consider to be dangerous for the guest. 

In the bedroom 

  • Make sure mattresses and pillows are satisfactorily comfortable; that bedding and linens are clean and fragrant.
  • Extra pieces of furniture such as a floor lamp, an alarm clock, or a coat hanger always turn out to be very appreciated.
  • Grant enough room in the cupboard and an a adequate number of hangers. 

In the bathroom

  •  Provide a towel set for each guest including one shower towel, one face towel and one “guest” towel.
  • Provide a set of shower gel, shampoo, liquid hand soap, and toilet paper.
  • Remember to supply bathroom mats: these will keep your guest from using shower towels for the identical purpose. 


  • Make sure the outer areas of your property are clean and well maintained (e.g: garden, swimming pool, barbecue etc...)
  • Extra equipment such as bicycles and beach supplies will leave your guests incredibly pleased.
  • Make sure the deck chairs and other outdoor furniture components are clean and work properly.

We also recommend you to test your property before the arrival of your first guests, in order for you to notice any potential problem or missing furnishings.