Furnishing and useful gadgets

a well equipped holiday home is vital for the success of your business

Furnishing and useful gadgets

A well furnished and equipped holiday home is vital for the success of your rental business.
Undoubtedly your guest will appreciate the care you had when choosing your furniture components, and will give priority to the interior of your property if it were not to be in a illustrious location.
Furthermore, the chances the customer will come back to your property in the future, as well as a positive feedback on his/her sojourn, will increase significantly due to the comfort your holiday home offered them.
Little details along with an elegant, yet simple and functional furniture style, will make the difference.

Here are some tips for those who are trying to find their inspiration:

The first-aid kit

Although nobody wishes to use it, it turns out to be extremely helpful when the circumstances require it. It could be discreetly placed on a shelf in the bathroom or in the anteroom of it. It is essential when your guests are families with children and amateur cooks (who frequently use the chopping board); even the pickiest customers may have forgotten to bring bandages and plasters along!

Travel universal adaptor

It is among the most popular small gadgets Anglo-Saxon customers look for; they often tend to forget it when travelling, also because it could be easily bought at the airport and duty-free shops. Providing one of those for arriving customers, will certainly make you earn points!

I-Pod docking station

It is among the finest gadgets for demanding customers; the idea of being able to easily listen to their favourite music without carrying stacks of CDs in their suitcase, will surely tickle your guests.

Videogame console

Do not underestimate a detail such as a videogame console in a holiday home designed for families with children. It will entertain the youngest ones in those moments when adults just want to relax; they will definitely use it during rainy days!

Queen-size bedroom Vs double bedroom

Always have a queen/king size mattress available if in your classified ad, something like this was declaimed: “One queen-size bedroom”. Any travelling couple’s nightmare is to spend their holiday nights in a “queen/king” size bed made out of two uncomfortable twin beds.

In the event your accommodation only has two twin beds, you could always arrange it for couples, by advertising it as follows: “One double bedroom convertible into a queen-size bedroom”. This not only shows a clear and professional service, but it will drive any complaint away, when the guest arrives.

The emergency light

Candles have made the history, they still give charm to those special evenings, however it stops being so romantic if the guests suddenly find themselves in the dark (due to power cut off) especially when they are in the countryside or in an isolated location. Therefore, have an emergency rechargeable LED light, so as to spare yourself the purchase of new candles for the customers yet to come!

The coffee table

Nothing could be more useful if placed between the couch and the TV. Your customers will really appreciate it during those relaxing moments when watching a movie or a football match, thus avoiding to leave snacks and drinks on improvised shelves.

The crumb vacuum cleaner

Who does not have one at home? The little magic crumb vacuum cleaner. So useful and exploited in the main houses, so missing in common holiday homes. Supplying your holiday home with one of those will definitely please your guests.