Guarantee certificate

Look for the property certification by Wish Sicily
Guarantee certificate

The property certification promoted by Wish Sicily aims at being the standard warranty and quality of all the classified ads published on our site. Such aptitude will be verified by our staff, who personally visits the properties, ensuring that all the classified ad parameters are being satisfied. A certification mark, such as "Certified property" will provide great significance to the property ad, by increasing the target customer’s trust.

Why is it important to get the certificate of guarantee for property owners:

Marketing studies confirm customers feel more reassured by the product/service, as well as your property, quality check marks.

Online consumers prefer to make their own choices in the presence of as much information as possible so as to limit the uncertainty degree about the quality of goods / services purchased.

Therefore Wish Sicily certificate of guarantee will provide you the chance to increase your target customer’s trust when booking their sojourn in your holiday home in Sicily.

How to get the certification of guarantee:

1. Contact Wish Sicily and book an appointment for a visit of your property.
2. Send us the details on how to get to your holiday home.
3. Confirm the certification warranty service.
4. Our staff will visit your property on the arranged day.
5. We will personally evaluate the quality standards and the accuracy of your advertisement.
6. Assignment of Wish Sicily warranty logo to your advertisement.

Get your Certification now and increase your target customer’s trust when booking in your holiday villa in Sicily!