Renting a car in Sicily will help you discover every corner of the island

Set your own pace on your Sicilian holiday by renting a car during your stay rather than relying on public transport. This is particularly important if your villa is not in a city centre but wherever you are staying, it will allow you to travel at leisure and explore off-the-beaten-track locations, tiny beaches and hilltop villages.

Please take advantage of our reliable and exceptionally easy-to-use search engine for your car rental in Sicily, presented in association with CarTrawler. Once you have entered the pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the dates during which you would like to hire the vehicle, the search engine will automatically show you the best available rate on the market from a database of all of the car rental companies operating in Sicily. This will save you the trouble of contacting every car rental company individually to get the best rate for the car model that you need.

All prices shown are final: taxes and insurance are already included in the price shown. The name and the telephone number of the car rental agency (selected by the search engine) will be shown on your booking voucher. In the event that you are not completely satisfied with the agency selected for you, the reservation can be cancelled without incurring any penalties.

NOTE Be patient for a few seconds, the search engine requires some time to come up with the best available rates!