Weekend On the Road in the Province of Catania Thanks to Car Hire Services

Catania is the second major city in Sicily after the main capital, Palermo. It is the also a major destination route for tourism because it is located right under Mount Etna, one of the major and renowned volcanoes in the world and which to this day continues to show signs of activity.

It is a favorite tourist attraction in Sicily not only due to its proximity to Etna and the city’s volcano-trekking guided tours which provide an unforgettable and adventurous experience for travelers of all ages and tastes, but also because it is a central location from which it is easy and convenient to reach the major spots (ancient Greco-Roman ruins, temples and restored amphitheaters, Arabesque monuments, Sicilian villas and Norman/Gothic and Renaissance style cathedrals, etc.) that make the Sicilian island unique and one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the world.
To meet the rising demand of the tourism industry, the city of Catania has numerous car hire services available for visitors who wish to explore all that Sicily has to offer during their permanence on the island. Car hire services in Catania are especially useful if your stay is a short one because they allow you to see as much of Sicily as possible during the days available, which is also the reason why setting up an adequate itinerary and timetable is highly recommended when planning to use car hire services for short trips.
The airport car hire services in Catania are very efficient; they will also provide you with tips on the most convenient routes to take and the best locations to see and that are easy to reach from Catania, which is the second largest city after Palermo, and is located in the East Coast of Sicily (overlooking the Ionian Sea).

It lies between Messina and Syracuse, considered two of the most beautiful spots for travelers; if your stay is a short one they are not to be missed; Messina for its splendid botanic gardens, Renaissance monuments, Gothic Churches and Cathedrals (Piazza del Duomo is the historic center), and Syracuse for its archeological treasures which include a Greek theater, a Roman amphitheater, Roman catacombs, and one of the world’s most famous Archeological Museums.