One of the most beautiful Baroque towns in Sicily is located near Syracuse in the southeast of the island. Noto was completely raised by an earthquake in 1693 and then rebuilt near the old location. It was rebuilt by brilliant architects looking to impose their Baroque ideals. This incredible town is the perfect place to see a masterpiece with the backdrop of the stunning Sicilian coastline. It is truly like stepping back in time, because every building is a wonderful example of the Baroque style. Here is a guide to the magical town of Noto, Sicily.

What to see

One of the first things you will want to do is simply stroll around the narrow medieval streets and gaze upon the golden colored buildings. You will also want to visit the Duomo in the center of the town as well as the Palazzo Nicolaci which has some of the most glamorous balconies and architecture in the city. Also the Chiesa di San Carlo is a great site because it has a bell tower you can climb to enjoy a stunning panorama of the unique city.

Day trips and Restaurants

To truly experience the history of the city you can take a trip to Noto Antica, the original site of the town that was ravaged by the infamous earthquake. Here you can see the skeleton of the old town which is about 10 km away from the new city, making it a perfect day trip if you are staying a little while. You can also travel to Ragusa from Noto, another Baroque town. There are not too many tourist attractions other than the architecture, but there are great little restaurants in Noto where you can enjoy great food and the amazing city at night.