Your guide to choosing a villa or all-inclusive holiday in Sicily

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Compare all-inclusive and self-catering Sicily holiday prices

Keeping life simple on a self-catering break

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Finding the best activities in Sicily

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Discover the pros and cons of villa versus all-inclusive holidays in Sicily and find the best deal on a magical stay on Italy’s most southerly island.

Returning home at the end of a holiday to a credit card bill is probably the least favourite part of any holiday experience and it is generally at these times that the thought of an all-inclusive holiday, when everything is paid upfront, is most appealing. Like anything, there are arguments for and against both types of holidays, some of which are particularly relevant if you are planning a holiday in Sicily.

How much will I save on all-inclusive holidays to Sicily?

Let’s look at the financials first. We know how tempting it is to pay everything in advance on an all-inclusive holiday and not have to dip your hand into your pocket when you are away. This is particularly the case on a family holiday and the cost of meals out, drinks and ice creams can quickly add up. On the other hand, if you are staying in a family villa in Sicily, eating in your villa can be extremely cheap and going out for the odd pizza and a round of gelati is generally quite affordable.

Is staying in a self-catering villa too much like hard work?

There is no question that on an all-inclusive holiday in Sicily, you can enjoy a complete break from shopping, cooking and clearing up.  However, if you prefer the idea of staying in a villa, you can keep things simple by barbecuing and getting all the family involved in preparing meals, particularly if you have an outdoor kitchen and a pizza oven. We suspect you will also find that, with our lovely hot summers and outdoor living, household chores can be kept to an absolute minimum!

Do your own thing

One of the reasons that most people choose villa accommodation over all-inclusive holidays in Sicily is the preference for independence and privacy. On a villa holiday, you can enjoy the indulgence of having a pool to yourselves – and swimming in it when you want – and generally setting your own timetable.

Sicily all-inclusive holidays: what about the activities?

Some all-inclusive resorts in Sicily have excellent facilities for all the family and if all the family enjoy doing different things, this may work out more convenient and economical. Decide how action-packed you want your holiday to be and how many of the activities you are likely to take advantage of. On an island like Sicily, there is so much to see that many people prefer to visit the sites and explore locally rather than spend time in a self-contained resort.

What is there to see in Sicily?

Wherever you stay on the island, there are some astonishing historical and natural sights in Sicily. If sightseeing is not for you, you can still get a real feel for the island just by popping into the shops, browsing through market stalls and eating out at the local trattoria. Get more ideas from our Sicily Travel Guide.