All about apartments in Sicily

Sicily is a land of history, art, tradition and natural beauties.

Each part of Sicily deserves at least a visit, but the time is not always enough! Wish Sicily, has a large number of apartments in Sicily around the island. All the apartments are divided in typologies for this reason the kind of services and equipment could change.


Wish Sicily offers the possibility to book an apartment in the area of your interest:


North  Sicily: If you are interested to visit the north coast of Sicily you will find apartments in Sicily, that are located near the sea, offering you stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes. If you like history and you prefer visiting monuments, the right place for you it’s Palermo, the capital of the island. In this part of Sicily the keywords are sun, fun and food ant it’s characterized by enchanting cities like Cefalù and Monreale and street markets. If you choose the northern part of Sicily you will enjoy a vacation suitable for everyone, mixing the inimitable beaches of Mondello, Cefalù and Guidaloca to the history, monuments cathedrals and churches characterizing this piece of island.


Apartments in Sicily in the north are suitable mainly for:

Couple Honeymooners, fun of water sports (fishing, diving), families with children, food lovers, shopping addicted and sport lovers.  All the apartments in Sicily located in this zone are very comfortable accommodations with all kind of  services: bedroom, kitchen, living room, terrace and a bathroom, dishwasher, freezer, Washing machine, Air conditioning, Hairdryer, Linens, Bath Towels, TV, and don’t forget a close Beach!

South Sicily: In the southern part of Sicily,  you can find smaller  city such as: that one of Modica, Licata, Porto Empedocle, San Leone, Scala dei Turchi, Ragusa that are considered among  the beautiful cities in Sicily, booking an apartment in this area means make a travel inside Medieval age.

The colours, in the south are different comparing to the north of the island: in fact in this little part of paradise, beaches are characterized by light color fine sand, almost white, and it’s flown by clean crystal and clear water, full of fish fauna of an emerald green color.


Apartments in Sicily in the south are suitable mainly for:

Families who want to spend a very calm vacation, couple Honeymooners, people who want to escape from the chaotic rhythms, flexible stay, and food lovers in particular chocolate, fishing, and trekking lovers. Apartments in Sicily located in this zone are equipped with air Conditioning, Mobile broadband Internet key, Patio "al fresco" or outdoor space.


West Sicily: The western part of Sicily includes the zone, ranging from Trapani to Marsala and also places of extraordinary natural and cultural interest: Erice, San Vito, Segesta, Nature Reserve of Zingaro, and Castellammare del Golfo. This area is especially known for its sandy beaches that, in the case of San Vito stretch for about a mile. If you choose to book an apartment in this area of Sicily, you will be welcomed by an atmosphere similar to the tropics for the transparency of the water, the fineness of the sand and the colors of the seabed. Most of the beaches located in this area are well known for a very high degree of crowding but if you are a lover of comfort and easily accessible beaches, this is the perfect place to book your apartment in Sicily. Especially if you have children in tow. It is strongly recommended a day trip to the Egadi Islands departing from the harbor of Trapani.