Egadi islands

Still pristine, with spectacular bays, coves and caves

Egadi islands

Aegadian Islands

Situated off the west coast of Sicily, The Aegadian Islands (also known as Egadi Islands) are an attractive holiday destination, offering a relaxing leisurely daily life and extremely welcoming atmosphere. Designated a Marine Protected Area in 1991, the spectacular bays, coves and crystal clear waters around the islands are very popular with divers.

The closest of the three islands is Favignana which is just 40 minutes by ferry from Trapani and certainly deserving of a day trip if you are based in western Sicily. It is also the busiest of the three, with good ferry connections to Trapani and the other islands so a good centre for island hopping.

The other islands of Levanzo and Marettimo are less obvious choices as a base for overseas holidaymakers. To the north of Favignana (around 4km), Levanzo is the smallest, with limited accommodation options. Marettimo is the most remote, popular with walkers thanks to its mountainous landscape and also with divers. There are also two minor islands, Maraone and Formica.