How to book

To book this holiday home on “Premium Listing”, contact the property owner through the contact form on the right side of the page, or alternatively add it to your Wish List. Enter the required information in the appropriate fields with a short text message and then send your request by clicking on "Enquire now". By creating your own Wish List, you can send your request to all the owners in one go. Premium listing properties are co-managed by Wish Sicily who act as travel agent on behalf of the property owner.


The property owner will respond through the Wish Sicily messaging system which helps you and the owner communicate securely and privately, protecting both from identity theft and phishing.


Once you have been advised of availability, please confirm directly to the owner that you wish to go ahead with your reservation. You will then receive a deposit payment request for 30% of the agreed total cost of your stay via the original email address provided by you. A confirmation of booking, together with the property’s address and full contact details will be sent once payment has been made. The property owner will subsequently supply you with the information relating to the full balance payment and check-in procedures.


Your reservation will be covered by the guarantee "Secure payment" which will protect you from online fraud.


We accept payment in EUR, GBP and USD using VISA, MASTERCARD and bank transfer. 4% admin fee will be charged for credit card payments and Paypal.


For more details on how to book, please contact us at or by calling our offices in Sicily at +39 091 786 0606 or in London at +44 (0) 207 193 7302.