Encourage your client to write a review

A positive review: the most effective marketing tool!

Encourage your client to write a review

A positive review of previous customers...

is definetly the most effective marketing tool able to induce potential customers to choose your holiday home in Sicily.

Today, Internet users take more and more advantage of travel social networks to compare each other and investigate the trustworthiness of a rental property for holiday purpose. Therefore, the leading trend has become the comparison with past experiences which can be easily found and listed on your own Wish Sicily personal file, under the “feedback/comments” entry.
Hence, the larger the number of positive reviews collected on your file is, the more chances you have to encourage the customer to choose your estate as the destination for his/her upcoming holidays in Sicily.

Waiting for the client, who has just left your holiday home, to write his/her own feedback spontaneously, is not enough. Although your client might have spent the most pleasant and relaxing time in your holiday home, very often he/she tends to forget or just does not feel the need to write a tribute about your extraordinary management and expertise.
Therefore we highly recommend you to take the initiative and invite your guest to share his/her experience by offering his/her opinions and impressions about your holiday home in Sicily.

Reviewing a rental home is simple and it really takes little time. It is plausible to believe that your customers have already written some reviews in the past, maybe about other accommodation similar to yours , possibly located in other countries, and therefore they might be used to doing this procedure.

If you have received guests in the past and you did not ask for their review on your property, then do not wait any longer. They represent an excellent starting point to begin collecting feedbacks on your Wish Sicily personal file.

If you are a novice in the holiday home rental business in Sicily, and you haven’t had the opportunity to relate with paying customers yet, do not worry; there is always a starting point in every thing! We advise you then, not to waste any more time and go for it! Request your feedback: go ahead of time and ask for a review on the departure day, emphasising the fact that you would highly appreciate to receive a commentary on your property at his/her earliest convenience, explaining, without going around in circles, how important it is for you. A customer who has experienced a very pleasant stay in your house, will be more than glad to lend you a hand and collaborate with you.

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests for a review: positive feedbacks on your property represent an essential tool for your rental business success.

Using our standard feedback request template will help you to break the ice!

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