Sicily villas for foodies

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<p>Sicily Holiday lettings for foodies</p>

Sicily Holiday lettings for foodies

Discover the best regions and villas in Sicily for a complete gastronomic experience.

One of the best ways of really getting to know Sicily is through its food. The island’s culinary traditions are deeply rooted in its history, although many of the staple elements of its diet probably owe as much to its geography and wonderfully sunny climate. When it comes to eating out, although there are more sophisticated modern restaurants in Sicily than ever before, the good news is that you can still eat extremely well at the most unassuming local trattoria.

Shopping and cooking

Enjoying excellent Sicilian food and wine is by no means the sole preserve of dedicated foodies and strolling through market stalls for the freshest ingredients and along to the fish market for the catch of the day can be a real highlight. Outdoor kitchens and barbecues make preparing meals sociable and fun and some of our villas have an outside wood fired oven which means endless hours of pizza-making entertainment for the kids.

Zero miles local food

Several areas of Sicily are naturally more closely connected to the foodie world than others but you can be sure that wherever you go, the focus will be almost exclusively on local produce that is bursting with great flavour. Wine produced on the slopes of Mount Etna and the wine-growing areas of Marsala and Menfi, sweet red Pachino cherry tomatoes from the island’s south eastern tip, mushrooms in the Madonie and the freshest fish on the coast are just some of Sicily’s foodie treats.

The Wish Sicily villas and holiday homes listed on this portfolio are great for anyone with a keen interest in food and wine.

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