Holiday habits have changed enormously in recent years, with many of us finding that just a few days away can be a wonderful way to recharge your batteries at any time of year.  There is certainly something very thrilling about hopping on an early morning flight on a Thursday or Friday with the prospect of three glorious days filled with new sights, warm sunshine and delicious local food ahead of you!

Short city breaks have always been popular and with its glut of beautiful cities and Instagrammable sights, Italy has always been one of the top spots for short breaks from the UK.  Yet as people show signs of being increasingly prepared to travel further in search of that elusive escape from routine and quest for new experiences, the question on everyone’s lips is just how far will you go for a three or four-day break?

A short break in Sicily

Just an hour longer in the air than flying from London to Venice, and just half an hour longer than Rome, the flight to Palermo checks in at around three hours. If it has never occurred to you to take a weekend or short break in Sicily- perhaps Palermo or to other Sicilian destinations, consider the merits.

Firstly, Sicily’s location means that there is a far greater chance of sunshine during the spring, early summer and autumn than in most other Italian cities and certainly in most other cities of northern Europe. This chance of sun is a real selling point for those searching for short break holidays in Sicily. However, if you’re more interested in a Christmas trip, a winter break in Sicily is also a great idea to get into the festive spirit.

The island is crammed with enough palaces, churches and ancient historical sites to satisfy even the most ardent culture-seeker, with the distinct advantage that there are far fewer tourists. If you only have time for a short weekend break in Sicily, our advice is to use one city, such as Palermo, as your base and book a full day’s guided tour to explore nearby Monreale and Segesta.

If you plan well, there is always the option of squeezing in a bit of beach time during your break in Sicily. Stay in or near Palermo, stretching your weekend break to four or five days, and a day on the beach at Mondello will leave you as refreshed as if you have had a full week’s holiday!

Walking holidays in Sicily

If city breaks are not really your thing but you like the idea of a more adventurous or activity filled short break in Sicily, you might be interested in a couple of days of walking.  Some of the best walking holidays in Sicily are in the Madonie mountains, which are around two hours’ drive from Palermo. Book a villa or cottage in the heart of the Madonie and spend a few days exploring charming hilltop villages and admiring dramatic mountain landscapes on a series of self-guided walks.

While Wish Sicily properties are usually let on a weekly basis, a selection of apartments and holiday homes are available for shorter lets outside of the peak summer period. Of course, this can also be a kinder option for your wallet too, as a short break in Sicily in spring or winter can also be a cheap alternative to a summer break. View our collection of villas in and around Palermo here to make short break holidays in Sicily part of your annual routine.